Food and Drink statement

We serve a Northwest draft selection, hand-crafted yet simple seasonal cocktails, a well-curated local wine list, and with hearty small plates to boot. We believe that good drink shouldn't cost a fortune and that class shouldn't come at the expense of comfort. Whether you grow the grapes, or have traveled here to taste the wine, we are glad you have found us, please be welcome.


HomeMade Soup $5.50

A Hefty Mug with Red Fox Baguette.

All Day/late night menu


Corn Chips and Cantina Salsa $5

Hummus and Flatbread $6

Choice of roasted Garlic or Red Pepper with Rustic Flatbread & Olives.

Garlic Knot $2

Large handcrafted Knot with Marinara.

Sweet and Spicy Roasted Nuts $3.75

Food Menu

Bacon/Jalapeño Poppers 2 for $3/ 5 for $7

Slow Smoked Jalapeños stuffed with Cream and cheddar cheeses wrapped in thick cut bacon.
2 for 3/7 for 5

Stuffed Meatballs 2 for $8

Savory beef and pork meatballs, stuffed with mozzarella, topped with marinara accompanied by red fox baguette
8 for 2

Signature Smoked Pork Sliders 2 for $7

Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder pulled and topped with chipotle slaw on a soft bun.
7 for 2


Meat and Cheese Skewer $11

Hearty Selection of meats and cheeses with sweet gherkins and everything flatbread crackers.

Available till 9pm

We are pleased to be in partnership with Cody Kopp, owner of McMinnville Catering Company. He is responsible for our menu, which is sophisticated when desired, and filling when needed. Whether you are sipping on a glass of Pinot Blanc and enjoying some hummus and handmade flatbread, or washing down a handful of sweet and spicy roasted nuts with a local ale, we will try to provide something for your any occasion.

drink menu

WINE By the Bottle

2015 Von Winning Riesling $24

2013 Matzinger-Davies Chard $35

2015 Patricia Green Sauv-Blanc $30 

Cathedral Ridge Halbtrocken $30 

2013 Dominio IV Grenache $55

2013 Eyrie Wv Pinot $45 

2014 Denison Cellars Kiff Pinot $50 

2014 Maison Roy Petit Incline $38 

2012 Bernard Machado Pinot $45

(we try to keep our bottle costs low. We are a bar, not a restaurant. We want you to enjoy the valley's fruit!)

Seasonal Cocktails

Winter Craft Cocktails

French Vanilla Martini $11

Rumrunner's Christmas (eggnog martini)  $8.50

Cran Sour (whiskey sour topped with 100% cran) $8.00

Moscow Yule (a holiday variation of the Moscow Mule) $7.50

Andy's Mint (spiked hot chocolate) $7.50